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Want To Know More About Unfinished Cabinets?

1、What Does Unfinished Cabinets Actually Mean?

Some customers consider unfinished cabinets to be dull. However, that is absolutely false! Unfinished kitchen cabinets are often constructed of wood in their natural form with no coloring, varnishing, or painting treatments. They are sanded to perfect, ready to receive paint and stain, ready to assemble and cleaning recommended prior to painting or staining.

2、What Are The Benefits Of Unfinished Cabinets?

Buying an unfinished kitchen cabinet offers many benefits, leaving customers with a choice. Unfinished cabinets create room for customization. This implies that customers can be more creative and flexible with unfinished cabinetry. So they can stain, seal, or paint unfinished cabinets to want to tweak the look and feel.

Suppose customers want to maintain the cabinets exactly how they are now (the unfinished wood natural look). They could later decide to give the kitchen a completely new style. They are simple to paint or refinish in any color that appeals to you.

3、What Are The Precautions Of Unfinished Cabinets?

(1)Do Unfinished Cabinets Need to Be Primed Before Painting?
Yes, it is essential to prime unfinished cabinets before painting. This applies to painting work both indoors and outside. Wood is porous and has a grainy surface. Therefore, customers cannot avoid priming raw wood. Because the primer has a high solid content, it aids in filling the fresh wood’s grains.

(2)What’s The Best Paint To Use On Unfinished Cabinets?
To get a flawless finish, we would advise using either a semi-gloss or satin finish when painting cabinets. This is because a flat finish would reveal dirt and is not very appealing. At the same time, a high gloss will easily show wear and tear.

(3)How Can Customers Protect The Unfinished Cabinets?
If you prefer the look of your cabinets’ natural wood color, you might apply a finish instead of painting or staining them. Protect your wood cabinets from moisture and stains damage using a colorless polyurethane coating.

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