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How Are Cabinets Packaged In Our Factory & What Does It Usually Contain?

Our factory has a special cabinet packaging workshop. Through the packaging of the assembly line, the packaging speed is faster.



After production and inspection of cabinets, our co-workers will be packed in cartons next. They takes time and patience in gather all the supplies that materials such as environmental cystoepiment, ethafoam, desiccant, carton boxes.



For door panels and door frames, we will place anti-collision blocks to prevent them from being scratched. Pearl cotton and foam boards are used to protect the products throughout the packaging process.

Strong Carton Box Packing Outside With Anti-Collision Paper, the packing materials are EPE foam, bubble films, cartons.



Each package will have instructions, hardware (door hinges and glides), hardware package (screws, corner codes, laminate brackets, crash pads).

For example, one frame cabinet or frameless cabinet unit that the following component will be all packed inside: cabinet box & drawer box components, doors & drawer fronts (including face frame if any), and hardware such as hinges and drawer glides. The difference of them that will frame cabinets will lock the hinges to the door frame in advance. The same of them that the cabinet doors have the unique technology film machinery for cover.



Basic information are print on the cartons like cabinet size, style, model, room number, company logo, project name and other information according to customer needs.

Product Installation Instructions

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